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Summer’s all but gone. With kids back to school it’s a good time to clean house and have it all ready for the busy holiday season just around the corner. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and an amazing round of December celebrations can be stressful especially if we find ourselves doing the heavy lifting at the last minute.

Avoid that last minute scampering of trying to clean that stubborn carpet stain that is still there from the summer. Or finding the vacuum cleaner has decided to not work just hours before a houseful of guests is about to arrive.

Vacuum Works to the rescue! …

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Vacuums and the Environment

Vacuums and the environment. Quality vacuum cleaners may cost more but when compared to their cheaper cousins that cost is easily offset over the long term; better performance, better warranties, long lifespan over the cheaper models that need early repairs, have a short lifespan and add to capacity filled landfills. The verdict is in: quality vs cheap equals hard dollar savings and with lifespans often of 20 years and more the positive impact on the environment is undeniable. It’s green all around.

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Central vs Portable Vacuum Cleaners

Customers ask: Central or portable vacuum? Which should we get?

At Vacuum Works we understand that every home is different and every situation is unique. Needs and wants are different depending on a number of factors. To help you make your decision easier, we give you some of the pros and cons of each system. click here to read full article

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Bagged vs Bagless – War of the Vacuums

Bagged vs Bagless … that is the question. One of the most often asked question that people ask us is whether they should buy a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner. Its a good question. Vacuum cleaners are duking it out on floors, carpets and tiles in homes everywhere. As we both sell and repair vacuum we have the scoop … read full article here

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VAPAMORE Steam Cleaning Machines

Vacuum Works is proud to announce that we now carry the VAPAMORE Steam Cleaning Machines. Combining advanced vacuum and steam technologies, VAPAMORE has engineered a complete line of steam cleaning machines suitable for residential and commercial use. Conveniently switch …read more

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Vacuum Cleaners and David Bowie! No Really!

Vacuum Cleaners, David Bowie … admittedly its a bit of a stretch, Vacuum cleaners are hardly a sexy news item – if a news item at all. So when I come across something that has a human interest element, well … I just have to share it.

Apparently David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust was inspired by the Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Norman Carl Odam, whose serendipitous break into the music scene of the late 60’s was in no small part thanks to a bunch of vacuum cleaner salesmen …read more

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Oh Henry! World Famous Vacuum Cleaner

“Oh, that is so cute!” Customers come into our store, take one look at the vacuum cleaner holding court center stage on our floor and pronounce the “cute” verdict. And we have to agree.

The focus of attention is Henry and his family of vacuum cleaners that has reached international celebrity status. Move over Kardashians! Henry and his “family” hold court when it comes to vacuums and these “cute” vacuums get their share of media attention. These world famous vacuum cleaners …read more

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Vacuum bags, carpet shampooers and shampoo

Shorter days and cooler temperatures are a sure sign that holidays are drawing closer. This is time for families and friends to get together and celebrate. The joy and festivities are fun but there is a lot of preparation that goes before the merriment. There is baking and cooking And cleaning! Don’t be caught short on your … read more

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Vacuum Cleaners: History and Trends

When it comes to history our mind immediately jumps to events that happened in the past – sometimes way in the past – such as the building of the pyramids in ancient Egypt, or Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America. Sure. There are world changing events that are not that old, some even that are happening right before our eyes in the comfort of our living rooms as we turn on the TV to watch the news. But there’s a history…read more

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To Love, Honour and Vacuum!

Had to laugh. Was browsing on the internet and came across a blog “To Love, Honor and Vacuum!
Who wouldn’t relate to that?
Now you can replace the word “vacuum” with most anything you want, “iron” comes to mind or “mow the lawn,” perhaps even “walk the dog.” But for my money I’ll stay with vacuum, after all Steve and I are in the vacuum cleaner business and it just makes so much sense.
It doesn’t matter who plugs the cord into the wall but one thing that is for certain and that is vacuuming is not one of those optional “till dust bunnies do us part” things. You gotta keep your house dust free, mites free and …read more

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