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Oh Henry!  Numatic International Iconic Vacuum Cleaner

“Oh, that is so cute!”

Henry Canister Vacuums - Vacuum WorksCustomers come into our store, take one look at the vacuum cleaner holding court center stage on our floor and pronounce the “cute” verdict.   And we have to agree.

The focus of attention is Henry and his family of vacuum cleaners that has reached international celebrity status. Move over Kardashians! Henry and his “family” hold court when it comes to vacuums and these “cute” vacuums get their share of media attention.

These world famous vacuum cleaners are manufactured by Numatic International of Milford, UK. I recently came across an article of a group school children visiting the home of Henry and Hetty. There they were shown how the colourful mouldings are made from plastic pellets, how metal parts are stamped out with robotic lasers and the assembly lines where the final product is checked and packed for delivery to customers

I think that was a good field trip.

Curious what other media might be covering Henry and Hetty, I found another article. This one is hilarious. Danny Walker Father-of-two whowas bored of vacuuming takes his ‘family’ of cleaners on everyday adventures – to the pub, the supermarket and even on a canal boat. He

Danny Walker and his Henry Family

Danny Walker and his Henry Family

began to take pictures of Henry and Hetty out enjoying their day looking for more and more different locations to take them to. He even stages the locations and has in effect been chronicling the life and times of Henry and Hetty according to Danny. Certainly takes the tedium out of vacuuming and he’s have fun!   You can read the whole story here

How, thought I, did someone come up with this whimsical design for something so utilitarian? We choose to carry Henry at our Vacuum Works store because of the quality of the vacuum cleaner, but of course were just as amused as customers are with the design and appearance of this iconic machine. A few little tidbits straight from the Numatic International site that might come in handy next time you play trivia:

  1. Numatic International was founded in 1969. The company started off as a very small group of people who designed vacuum cleaners for boilers. During this time vacuums were made up of various domesticated products like handles from suitcases and oil drums, which was not uncommon for the time.
  2. Henry was created in the Beaminster Dorset factory in 1981. Since he was first put on the market over 7 million people have purchased a Henry and his popularity has not dipped since he was first introduced to the vacuum market.
  3. Henry is not an only child! There are now several other members of the Henry family including Hetty, James, Charles, George and Harry. All the hoovers have different variations and two models (Charles and George) are able to work with wet surfaces. George is actually fully equipped to deal with dry vacuuming and carpet cleaning too!

If you haven’t met Henry yet, come on by our store in Ladner. We’ll be happy to “introduce” you to Henry and his family and while we can’t give a factory tour, we’ll be happy to help you choose a vacuum for your home or give a small talk to an interested small group of children about vacuums and what makes them work.

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