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Summer’s all but gone.  With kids back to school it’s a good time to clean house and have it all ready for the busy holiday season just around the corner.  Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and an amazing round of December celebrations can be stressful especially if we find ourselves doing the heavy lifting at the last minute.

Avoid that last minute scampering of trying to clean that stubborn carpet stain that is still there from the summer.  Or finding the vacuum cleaner has decided to not work just hours before a houseful of guests is about to arrive.

Vacuum Works to the rescue!

Carpet steam cleaning

Never mind the spills and stubborn stains that make your carpet look old and worn out … what about the pollutants hidden deep in the pile of our carpets?  According to EPA, our homes are more susceptible to harboring harmful pollutants than you find on busy streets with cars spewing gas emissions. Carpets absorb pollutants.   The plushier your carpet the more a mixture of pollutants, dirt and grime is hiding in between the fibers of your carpet.

We have a solution for you … take advantage of our September | October $5.00 OFF rental of Carpet Express VW - $5 Off Carpet Cleaner RentalQuick Drying & Upholstery Cleaner.  This commercial quality machine is a revolutionary way to deep clean and shampoo your carpet and upholstery, leaving them dry in a few hours. The New Carpet Express Quick Dry Hot Water Deep Cleaning Extractor gives you professional results at a fraction of the cost of a professional cleaner.

Carpet cleaning rental delta

For just $29.95 rent a Carpet Express carpet cleaner. This hard-working machine gets your carpet clean and dry in no time flat. With a water lift of 99.7% it is the world’s fastest drying-time machine and what that means to you is that your carpet will be walking dry much faster.   The rental comes with a six-foot attachment and hose so its easy to do get your upholstery, stairs and even the car done. Eco-friendly cleaning solution $14.95. Give your carpet a day at the spa with a Carpet Express deep steam clean. To reserve your Carpet Express

To reserve your Carpet Express simply phone us at 604-946-4466 or email us:  vacuumworksbc@gmail.com

Clean & Service Your Vacuum:

Vacuum Works - $10 Off Clean & Service your VacuumWe see more vacuums being brought in for repairs during the “busy season.” As long as they’re whirring away and sucking up the dust and dirt all is well.  At the end of vacuuming we happily shutter them in their closets.

Imagine the surprise and frustration when the vacuum is next pulled out to clean up the mess before guests arrive and the motor doesn’t start! An annual maintenance can prevent a lot of undue stress.

Don’t let that ruin your day.  Take advantage of our $10.00 September | October Clean & Service your Vacuum it’s like a day at the spa for your vacuum.  Your vacuum will reward you with a better performance.  Call ahead to schedule a Clean & Service 604-946-4466 or simply email us at vacuumworksbc@gmail.com