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Had to laugh. Was browsing on the internet and came across a blog “To Love, Honor and Vacuum!

To Love Honour and Vacuum - Vacuum WorksWho wouldn’t relate to that?

Now you can replace the word “vacuum” with most anything you want, “iron” comes to mind or “mow the lawn,” perhaps even “walk the dog.” But for my money I’ll stay with vacuum, after all Steve and I are in the vacuum cleaner business and it just makes so much sense.

It doesn’t matter who plugs the cord into the wall but one thing that is for certain and that is vacuuming is not one of those optional “till dust bunnies do us part” things. You gotta keep your house dust free, mites free and pet dander free. Vacuum to the rescue.

Granted, a vacuum cleaner is not the sexiest gift but I can guarantee you many a newly wed couple would love to have one. I recall being at my niece’s gift unwrapping on their return from their honeymoon. It was just the immediate family that got together for a Sunday breaky followed by tearing off of bows, ribbons, paper and finally the box.

Ooh and aahs and appreciation all around. My sister, clever little mink that she is, managed the “handing over” of the gifts and when it came to the last one, it was a big, long boxy package. You should have heard the squeal from Tiff, I was afraid it might have shattered some of that lovely new crystal they got.

What was it?

It was a vacuum cleaner!  Not just any vacuum cleaner mind you … it was one of the most coveted brands on the market and was yet another “gift” from mom and dad.  Who would have thought a vacuum cleaner would elicit such joy!

Of course you don’t have to wait for a wedding to gift a vacuum cleaner to your offspring. Vacuums are always a welcome gift.   Have your son or daughter just moved into their own digs?   Gone off to university in another city and renting? And then there’s always the cottage which seems to always be stuck with the broom … I tell you, a vacuum cleaner will be greatly appreciated and if that’s your cottage, the floors will thank you too.

Whatever the reason for a new vacuum cleaner, come and see us at the “best little vacuum store in town.”  At Vacuum Works everything we sell sucks and we’ll be happy set you up with a vacuum that will bust those dust bunnies for years and years to come.