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Vacuum bags, carpet shampooers and shampoo

Shorter days and cooler temperatures are a sure sign that holidays are drawing closer. This is time for families and friends to get together and celebrate. The joy and festivities are fun but there is a lot of preparation that goes before the merriment. There is baking and cooking

And cleaning!

We all want our houses to be warm, welcoming and clean when guests arrive. Sometimes that means small last minute cleanups.

Don’t be caught short. Stock up on necessities and add some accessories to your broom closet.

Vacuum bags

Vacuum Bag - Vacuum Works LadnerThis is one necessity that you should never run out of. Vacuum bags tend to get filled quicker than we anticipate. Vacuum bag emergency visits to our vacuum store are frequent. The last bag is full and company is coming tonight.

Now is a good time to stop in at your favorite neighbourhood vacuum store and stock up on your vacuum bags. If you haven’t used up your last bag, take one with you. Different vacuum cleaners have different vacuum bags.

At Vacuum Works we carry a wide selection of vacuum bags. If bringing in one of your vacuum bags is not an option, no worries. Write down the make and model of your vacuum and we’ll be sure to fit you with the right vacuum bags. Stock up with several packs.


Carpet Shampooers

Carpet Express Carpet Shampooer - Vacuum WorksFor best results carpets should be shampooed several times a year but most definitely before the holiday season is in full swing. If you do not own a carpet shampooer you can rent one from your vacuum store.We carry the Carpet Express Quick Drying & Upholstery Cleaner. This hard working machine gets your carpet clean and dry in no time flat. With a water lift of 99.7% it is the world’s fastest drying-time machine.   The rental comes with a six foot attachment and hose so its easy to do get your upholstery, stairs and even the car done. Cost of rental? $29.95


Persil Carpet Shampoo
Many carpet shampoos are manufactured with powerful chemical ingredients. They certainly get your carpets clean but are hard on the fibers and emit harmful odours into the air.

Ask for a brand that is eco-friendly.

At Vacuum Works we carry the German brand, Persil. Persil was developed by Henckel CIE, pioneers of environmental cleaning agents. You can be sure that when you shampoo your carpets with Persil, your carpets will be clean and there will be no harmful out-gassing from chemical ingredients.

We are Vacuum Works and we are here for you.


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