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We Sell Uprights, Canisters and Central Vacuum Systems 

We Sell Vacuums! When Your Vacuum Bites the Dust, Come In and Talk to Us

Have you ever had this experience?  You’re vacuuming and suddenly the vacuum whirrs, sputters, smokes and stops?

Henry Canister Vacuums - Vacuum WorksAt Vacuum Works we have a great selection of vacuums, new and premium reconditioned.  If your vacuum cleaner has sucked up its last bit of dirt, we have a vacuum for you.  We carry a wide range of vacuums – there’s sure to be model suited just for you.

We have customers coming in with dead vacuums all the time:

Sometimes with vacuum in hand.

Sometimes we can fix it – and we have been known  to repair many a vacuum cleaner which went on to suck up dirt for a few years more.

And Sometimes its time for a new one.

We carry a wide selection of vacuums – uprights, canisters, and built-ins – brand new and premium reconditioned. We only carry vacuums that meet the following criteria:

  1. Quality of workmanship – built to last
  2. Suction power – cleaner carpets, cleaner air
  3. Length of Warranty

Here is what one happy customer wrote  Upright Vacuums - Vacuum Works

I am busy & have very little time to look around for a dealer. I needed my last Sebo serviced & information on a new one. Upon checking my computer I had an idea of what was new & what the cost was. I called six dealers & found Steve Laughlin @ Vacuum Works: the best for knowledge of vacuums; the one that would best meet my needs;the best price; & he had one in stock. I also found him very nice to deal with, in comparison to some of the others. Thus, I drove from New West to Ladner to buy my new SEBO & did a little shopping in the area while he serviced my last SEBO, so that I would not have to drive all the way back. I got home @ 6:30 but it was all worth it. I will recommend him to my family & friends, as one of the best SEBO dealers around the lower mainland.   Bernadette

Steve says that:  “A happy customer is one that we don’t see often after we’ve sold them a great vacuum…

Built-in Vacuum System - Vacuum WorksSome vacuum brands have relocated their manufacturing plants so as to be able to take advantage of cheaper economic conditions. We understand. Competition is stiff and consumers are increasingly price conscious. Unfortunately the results are not always what we want as quality begins to suffer and previously high performing vacuums begin to breakdown early – they simply don’t last as long.

At Vacuum Works we believe in the old adage that “The customer is always right” but we also believe in a consultative process so that when you leave our store you get the best value for your budget and that might mean that you just want a vacuum to tide you over for just a few years and we’ll happily bring it in for you.  Or you just might choose one of the brands that we carry in-store, either brand new or premium reconditioned.

Dirty talk? You bet! Come into our store and we’ll give you the dirt on the best vacuums in town.

Vacuum Works proudly serving the communities of Ladner, Tsawwassen, and Richmond –  sucking up dirt for over 20 years.

We’re Vacuum Works and We’re Here for You!


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